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11 / 09 / 2017

Rejected - Angry Fingers

If you're a real estate professional you are familiar with the in's and out's of rejection and being rejected.  It's a fact of life for real estate professionals because we deal with all kinds of rejection on a daily basis, but so does everyone else in the world.  Asking someone out on a date?  Aplying for that job position?  Asking for that promotion or salary increase?  Submitting something you've worked so diligently on for approval?  The list of possible rejections goes on and we will constantly be faced with and experience rejection until the day we die.  What about afterwards?  Getting over the rejection and dealing with it is an art form altogether.

For someone in real estate the rejection we experience is real.  Can't get the person to sign the contract.  Offer wasn't accepted.  Couldn't secure that listing.  Called someone up and got yelled at or hung up on mid-sentence.  Different people take and process things in different ways.  Rejection isn't a pleasant thing to experience but the experience itself can be a pleasant thing.

As living, learning beings we are not experts of any one thing upon birth.  We live, we learn, and we experience things.  This is how we become better people.  To never experience something, whether it is good or bad, is just altogether bad.  It means you're not out and about living your life...simply put, you're just existing.


As we grow and learn from our experiences, we become better at dealing with different people, situations, conditions, while at the same time dealing with  adversity, changes, or challenges that come our way.  We become more proficient.  More adept.  More resilient.  The biggest and most important thing of all is to change your perception of rejection.  It's not a personal thing in that you are less of a person than someone else and it's not always entirely your fault for reasons that you may never know.  You musn't drive yourself crazy trying to ponder the many moving parts of the universe and focus it upon yourself in a negative way.  Things happen and life goes on.

Consider all the "famous" people who have been rejected in their lives:

The Beatles and U2 were turned down by record labels.  J.K. Rowling and Stephen King were rejected by publishers.  Andy Worhol and Vincent Van Gogh were rejected for their work.  Steven Spielberg and Steve Jobs were rejected at various points in their lives.  The common denominators for all of these people were perseverence, passion, and belief.  These individuals were all hard working, loved what they did, and believed what they were doing was the best way they could do it or produce it.  A simple "No" meant that the next opportunity could possibly be a "Yes."

Johnny Cho, principal broker of CPGI, when asked about rejection in real estate recalled one of his first cold calls to a property owner who was leasing his property in West L.A.:

"I called and did not immediately disclose to the owner that I was a broker while asking for leasing rates for a client.  The owner went ballistic and said something to the extent, 'You are so stupid and a son of a b*tch, I would never lease my property to a lying broker like you, you are trying to steal my information, don't ever call me again, f*ck you!'--*CLICK*.  No joke, I had to sit back for like 10 or 15 minutes to process the verbal abuse.  In hindsight, the only mistake I made as a rookie was not disclosing that I was a real estate broker up front, however, the owner's tirade was something way beyond my control.  After my 10 or 15 minutes, I was back to cold calling."

Rejection is a character builder and teacher.  It is an indicator that you are out there in the field working and getting opportunities.  On the other hand, if you're getting rejected with ZERO success, you may want to re-think your strategies or techniques and take a step back to re-evaluate things, but you shouldn't give up.  With real estate, properties are opportunities so opportunities are literally everywhere you look; you just have to keep looking, learning, and working hard.  The sun will always rise again and give you another day to try again.

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