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Freight Forwarding Like LegosĀ®
06 / 09 / 2017

Everyone loves Legos and piecing things together to make bigger and better things.  But when it comes to something like importing or exporting products or commodities and getting things to fit/work, that's a different story.  If you've ever had to deal with shipping in general you know there's a lot of steps involved.  Ever had to return something you bought from Amazon or Ebay?  Well that's easy in relation to shipping things, but as the shipment grows bigger so does the amount of time, energy, and money, and possibly the complexity involved depending on what the shipment may be.  This is where freight forwarders come into play where they act as the intermediaries between clients and the actual shipping services/solutions.

A company that makes freight forwarding simple is Expert Cargo International Co. (ECI).  This company is based in Cerritos, California but they have satellite locations that span multiple continents to better service its clients' requirements and demands.  Over the course of over a decade, CPGI has worked with ECI on various occasions for real estate and freight forwarding related services.  It involved CPGI finding the proper real estate needs of ECI and its partners and also CPGI networking to provide ECI with clients who required advanced logistics services.

Expert Cargo International Co. is a full service freight forwarding company that can cater to small and large companies that require anything from simple pickup and trucking to transloading (multiple carriers such as air, ocean, land) and secure warehousing with customs clearance services.  ECI has worked with small operations to large enterprise/corporate clients such as Samsung, LG, and General Electric.  If you require it they will have the means to provide you with specialized solutions that cater to your needs.

Can you get these types of things done yourself?  Sure you can.  But ask yourself what your time is worth especially if you're busy running a company already.  Let ECI reliably handle piecing the logistics for you so that you can concentrate on building your business -- like Legos®.

Please contact Mr. Scott Jang or Mr. Michael Chung at Expert Cargo International Co. for further information or inquiries on freight forwarding services at 562.402.0881 or email  Or click on their website for additional information.

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