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Supporting Local Health: Be Well Pharmacy
06 / 23 / 2017

Last year we had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Be Well Pharmacy in finding them a new location in the Orange County area.  Being a Fullerton based real estate services company ourselves, we thought it would be ideal for both Be Well Pharmacy and the residents of Fullerton to benefit from a fresh, new, back-to-basics neighborhood pharmacy.

Be Well Pharmacy is located just blocks from Downtown Fullerton on the corner of N Lawrence and Commonwealth Ave's at the new senior living development Ventana.  Do a Google Maps search of the area for "pharmacy" and you'll find only the larger big box pharmacies: Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Costco.  The redundancy and impersonal approach to these pharmacies are the norm and not the exception in today's business world where pharmacists and patients enter, wait, wait some more, and leave in an endless loop of day-to-day ad infinitum.  Most people have come to accept the business model offered by the bigger companies, but if you've read our RE BLOG posting on Millenials you will know that it's just enough to get by for now.  Eventually as the younger (and older) generation demands a different approach to business and more personalized and genuine service, spending habits will change and the businesses not agile enough to change will be left behind.

Be Well Pharmacy takes the old-is-new approach to dealing with its clientele, one sure to evoke memories of being able to walk into a pharmacy and actually speak with the pharmacist about your medications and any other pertinent information in regards to the drugs or wellness.  They are also very proactive and convenient when it comes to getting you your prescription drugs.  Be Well Pharmacy offers FREE personal local delivery and for those who require their meds and are further out in California they will mail out your prescriptions at no charge.  In addition, Be Well Pharmacy offered free flu vaccine immunizations for its first 30 customers on October 4th, 2017.

With the increased life expectancy of people, advancements in health, medicine, and technology, and the expected increase in demand for prescription drugs through the coming years, wouldn't you want to have special attention given to you if it's about your wellness and future?  We can make money, we can make time for things, but without health and wellness nothing else really matters.  Be Well Pharmacy will be your partner for the health and wellness portion...the other things, well, that's up to you.  Invest in real estate or something!  :P

Be Well Pharmacy


105 N Lawrence Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832 

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